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What is The New Zealand Curriculum Framework?
The New Zealand Curriculum Framework is the foundation policy statement covering teaching, learning, and assessment for all students in all New Zealand schools.
It is the first statement in the history of our country to provide such an overview, and outlines the ways in which the New Zealand Curriculum can balance the needs and interests of individual students with the requirements of society and the economy.
The New Zealand Curriculum Framework acknowledges that individual students have unique learning needs. The Framework identifies the knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes which all students must develop if they are to play a full part in the world in which they will live and work.
What does The New Zealand Curriculum Framework include?
The Principles
The Framework establishes and identifies the principles for all learning and teaching programmes in New Zealand schools. The principles are based on the premise that the individual student is at the centre of all teaching and learning.
The New Zealand Curriculum:
  • establishes direction for learning and assessment in New Zealand schools;
  • fosters achievement and success for all students, and at each level clearly defines the achievement objectives against which students' progress can be measured;
  • provides for flexibility, enabling schools and teachers to design programmes which are appropriate to the learning needs of their students;
  • ensures that learning progresses coherently throughout schooling;
  • encourages students to become independent and lifelong learners;
  • provides all students with equal educational opportunities;
  • recognises the significance of the Treaty of Waitangi;
  • reflects the multicultural nature of New Zealand society;
  • relates learning to the wider world.
The Essential Learning Areas
The Framework identifies seven essential learning areas. These are broad, recognisable categories of knowledge and understanding. They constitute a balanced curriculum within which the essential skills, attitudes, and values are developed.
The Essential Skills
The Framework defines eight groups of essential skills. All students need to develop these skills to enable them to reach their full potential and take a full part in society. Students will develop the essential skills through a range of learning experiences across the whole curriculum.
Attitudes and Values
The Framework outlines some of the attitudes and values which are an integral part of the school curriculum. The school curriculum will encourage positive attitudes towards learning. It will help students to develop and clarify their own attitudes, values, and beliefs while respecting those of others.
The Framework sets out the policies and procedures for assessment in all New Zealand schools. The national curriculum statements provide clear learning outcomes against which students' progress can be measured. The purpose of assessment is to assist with planning the next step of learning for students, reporting to parents, and planning for the most effective use of resources.