Kidsafe Search Engines

The WEB is a big place.Some wonderful kidsafe search engines have been developed over the past 10 years to support children's online inquiry. They can easily be set as your home computer's default browser if needed -try these out.

**Kids Search Tools**
A collection of 16 search sites for kids with the query boxes all on one page.

**Kidsclick**This site makes a great default search engine for 6 - 12year olds. Some excellent links. A directory of over 5,000 web sites organized by category, created by librarians.

**Ask for kids**Lovely site, designed for kids, answers are filtered for appropriateness.

Any Questions - A NZ site where children are linked with the resources they need to help them. An online librarian is available during the week throughout the school year.

Quintura kids helps kids refine one word searches by offering more specific options.